debbiele70Y, Man, 39 years old

United States of America, California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks

here to for serious relationship

I am looking for responsible honest caring, loving, God fearing and marriage minded man that is ready to settle down with some one and committed a long term relationship if you are the type.I'll love to meet a genuine ,matured,loving and caring man , who know how to take care of a woman and also children I'm looking for a serious relationship , where age doesn't matter but a mutual respect and feeling for each other.Someone who has a good heart ,generous and willing to support my dream of humanitarian works.Hope i can meet him here , i know he's here. And My Heart is Opened for you..I am writing my last project as a Care giver

  • My biggest personality trait : Peaceful
  • My physical appearance : Really sexy!
  • My body : Normal
  • My height (cm) : 135cm
  • My weight (kg) : 39kg
  • My hair length : Medium
  • My hair color : Dark blonde
  • My eyes : Hazel
  • The most attractive thing about me : My eyes
  • My sexual orientation : Bisexual
  • My family status : Widower/Widow
  • I drink alcohol : Occasionally
  • Children? : Yes
  • Dress Style : Classic
  • My education level : Master's Degree and more
  • I smoke : Occasionally
  • My ethnicity : Mixed
  • My religion : Catholic