janet10189, Woman, 31 years old

United States of America, Ohio, Delaware County, Delaware

here to for serious relationship

I am family-oriented and my desire and goal is to become a good wife for you. Create family romantic traditions. The main and basic condition of a lasting marriage, its foundation is a feeling of love, attraction to each other. Do you agree with my opinion? What does it mean to you the feelings of love and harmony? My heart is open to your love and tenderness! I dream of creating relationships on mutual love, mutual understanding, trust and respect! I am romantic by nature and a bit old-fashioned. For me, loyalty in relationships is very important. And to create a family in love and loyalty.

  • My biggest personality trait : Shy
  • My physical appearance : Really sexy!
  • My height (cm) : 148cm
  • My weight (kg) : 60kg
  • My hair length : Short
  • My eyes : Brown
  • The most attractive thing about me : My smile
  • My sexual orientation : Bisexual
  • My family status : Single
  • I drink alcohol : Occasionally
  • Children? : No
  • Dress Style : Casual
  • My education level : High school diploma
  • My religion : Christian