jcamp12, Man, 63 years old

United States of America, Missouri, Pike County, Louisiana

here to for friendly relationship

I enjoy getting to know other people and discovering what we might have in common, and how we might complement each other with our differences. I have several sides of my personality that include being both serious and playful whether at work, home, out on the town, or in the great outdoors.I enthusiastically dive into projects and often think about how much more fun they would be with a special person in my life. I desire a warm loving person with whom I can share both intelligent and humorous conversations. I am looking for someone to "light up my life" and who would like for me to be the "light in their life".Some of my favorite excursions are water and snow skiing, cruises, hikes in the mountains, outdoor festivals,motorcycling, movies, theater, comedy, dancing, antique hunting, and almost anything with friends and family. I especially enjoy traveling and camping – even if it’s just sitting beside a fire at night with a glass of wine and my favorite stargazer. I prefer a few close friends to a large number of acquaintances. If friends were to describe me they’d say I’m honest, compassionate, and persistent and they know I’ll be there if they need me.

  • My biggest personality trait : Reserved
  • My physical appearance : I'm average
  • My body : Normal
  • My height (cm) : 140cm
  • My weight (kg) : 110kg
  • My hair length : Short
  • My hair color : Black
  • My eyes : Brown
  • The most attractive thing about me : Other
  • My sexual orientation : Heterosexual
  • My family status : Divorced
  • I drink alcohol : Often
  • Children? : Yes
  • Dress Style : Casual
  • My education level : Master's Degree and more
  • I smoke : I keep it to myself
  • My ethnicity : Mixed
  • My religion : Christian