niomilovely, Woman, 24 years old

United States of America, Florida, Duval County, Jacksonville

here to for friendly relationship

I wont start this with my name becaues ibe done this before . wont tell you I'm a outgoing person and i love meeting new people because i don't I'm really shy and meek at first. I won't tell you i like to go out an party because id rather sit home and drink monster or coffee and listen to music or read I'm not skinny nor and i obese or overly over weight. I wont tell you i don't get jealous easily because i do I'm insecure I'm and emotional wreck and i tend to think the wrist before i think the good. I wont tell you I'm a sane girl whos down to earth because thats just worlds I'm not sane I'm crazy and i want someone who's just as crazy. I wont lie to you tell that i like normal dates i don't to be completely honest i don't like expensive dates id rather sit at your house cuddle and watch movies drinking monster and eating pizza. If your still reading yaay you might be the guy I'm into ????. I like a guy like deadpool sarcastic jokers badass because damn i like werid guy who have dark sense of humor. I wont make you belive I'm the girl of your dream or that I'm not damage because i am and that's your choice . I think I've covered everything but if you want to know more the message me.