Stephaniete2105701599, Woman, 42 years old

United States of America, Florida, Hillsborough County, Tampa

here to for serious relationship

I have been single for 2 years and just tired of being alone.... My ex was a real jerk, he prefers drugs to me, he is always drunk and on drug... He treats me like a piece of rag he bought from the market, I tried to talk to him to chance his attitude or I will one pack my Baggage and leave but he wont listen to me till I finally took my decision and break-up that hell called relationship with him.

  • My biggest personality trait : Shy
  • My physical appearance : I'm average
  • My body : Normal
  • My height (cm) : 136cm
  • My weight (kg) : 36kg
  • My hair length : Long
  • My hair color : Brown
  • My eyes : Black
  • The most attractive thing about me : My eyes
  • My sexual orientation : Bisexual
  • My family status : Single
  • I drink alcohol : No
  • Children? : No
  • Dress Style : Classic
  • My education level : High school diploma
  • I smoke : No
  • My ethnicity : I keep it to myself
  • My religion : Christian