Gossy Community Participation Charter

To respect and gain a better understanding of the GOSSY “state of mind”, here are the rules to be followed when commenting on new items, participating in debates, forums and profiles, and interacting with the GOSSY community on gossy.fm.

1 – Presentation

GOSSY offers services, including a community space on gossy.fm, to allow its users to contribute to gossy.fm, to have a personal area and to interact with other members for the purposes of social, convivial and entertaining exchanges.

Each User has a free mandatory personal account for the purpose of participating in the GOSSY community network.

Articles, comments, statuses, profile elements and all other contributions are published at the sole and entire responsibility of the User.

Personal accounts are intended for major private individuals or minor private individuals aged 13 and over under the supervision of an adult.

Users must ensure they have familiarised themselves with the General Terms and Conditions of Use.
Users are aware that they may not change any of the confidentiality settings of their User profile. Users publishing a profile accept that that profile may be viewed by everyone. Profiles are public.

If a User observes any failure to comply with the code of conduct, they must inform GOSSY of this immediately (as stipulated in the GTCU).

2 – Rules of good conduct to be followed


Good manners and politeness: GOSSY is a portal where you can publish, exchange, debate about various subjects and news items, contribute information, etc. Everyone has the right to express themselves. Gossy thus requests that you respect the expression of the other Users (avoid denigration, ridicule, jokes or mockery about physical appearance, no vulgarity, etc.).


Freedom of expression that respects the law and third parties: All contributions must respect a certain code of ethics and content as set out in Article x hereof.

All contributions must be objective and comply with public order, public decency, applicable regulations and the rights of third parties. All publications must be genuine, honest and accurate. It must be possible to verify the truth of all statements made. Any criticism must be constructive, objective, inoffensive and non-abusive.

Although freedom of expression applies to GOSSY, Users must take caution in how they express themselves and in how they express their different ideas and publications.


Caution: GOSSY is a portal open to the general public, and in the interests of caution you are advised not to disclose too much personal information.

Contributions revealing personal details (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number etc.) may thus be rejected. Links to personal sites may be rejected following moderation by GOSSY.

GOSSY recommends that Users request information or consult the FAQ in the event of doubt. GOSSY and its team will do their best to solve your problems.

3 – Moderation

GOSSY performs 4 types of moderation for its portal (as set out in the GTCU):

- in advance: GOSSY checks that the e-mail address you provide when you create your account is valid.

– retrospective: GOSSY will check that profile pictures are in conformity. Random checks may be carried out by GOSSY on all community services offered by the portal. Thus, GOSSY will not check content submitted before it is published, but reserves the right to delete any content that is clearly illegal or that is or appears to be against the law, regulations, these general terms and conditions or the rights of third parties, and Users may not claim damages in respect of this.

However, volunteer moderators will be engaged by EXANOV to supervise the forums on a continual basis.

- collaborative: GOSSY expressly requests that Users participate actively in the moderation process, by reporting any abusive content to EXANOV using the “Report Abuse” link present on each page or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

- creating a list of prohibited words: this system enables any terms deemed to be in breach of the rules of contribution to be rejected entirely or replaced by asterisks or other signs where the word initially entered constitutes an insult, a swear word, a discriminating/offensive comment, etc.

Each refusal to publish will be notified to the User, and reasons will be given. If the User considers that their comment has been unjustifiably rejected, they may contact the GOSSY editorial team by e-mail ([email protected]).

4 – Contributions & Content

4.1 Miscellaneous guidelines for content creation

In order to make messages easier to read, GOSSY requests that Users:
- avoid writing in capital letters and using an excessive number of punctuation marks;
- pay attention to correct spelling and grammar before publishing any comments;
- avoid unsubstantiated messages;;
- avoid messages whose title has nothing to do with the subject;
- avoid repeating messages
- respect the spirit of any discussions engaged in.

Members wishing to publish, exchange and share information on the community website accept without reservation the terms and conditions of publication as defined below:
- compliance with the moderation charter and the individual liability for information proposed to the community;
- authorisation to reproduce any information published on the site in any media, on any storage media and for an unlimited period.

4.2 Sharing Links

GOSSY is an online medium and links to different sources of information are thus accepted, but hyperlinks to other sites whose content is liable to breach any applicable laws or regulations or the ethics and purpose of the GOSSY portal will be rejected as a matter of policy.

In this regard, GOSSY shall not be liable for any links posted, and Users undertake to refrain from posting any hyperlinks to sites that do not conform with applicable legislation.

GOSSY will also reject any links to competing websites or sites that GOSSY deems may become competitors to the community portal and services proposed by the site via a retrospective verification.

4.3 Contributions to Forums and chat discussions

Users shall bear full civil, criminal and administrative liability for the contents of the messages they send to third parties or post on the Forum or the Chat.

Users undertake:
- to ensure that the content of their messages does not breach in any manner rights that may be held by third parties, whether real or legal persons, including in terms of intellectual property, image reproduction or respect for private life;
- to refrain from publishing offensive, defamatory or racist messages; messages going against public decency; violent, pornographic, obscene or vulgar messages; messages whose nature makes them liable to demonstrate a lack of respect for human dignity, gender equality or the protection of children and adolescents; or revisionist or negationist messages. They also undertake to refrain from publishing messages encouraging the commission of crimes and/or delicts or encouraging the consumption of illicit substances, or messages inciting discrimination, hatred or violence;
- to refrain from posting any messages containing viruses, harmful routines or programmes liable to cause harm to person or property;
- to refrain from posting unsolicited commercial messages (spam) and to refrain from advertising on the Forum.

4.4 Publications in the Personal Area and on the Blog

GOSSY is an internet portal that enables users to publish personal and collective content, including comments, messages on the discussion forum or references to their blog, in addition to viewing the content proposed by the portal.

Users may contribute free of charge and voluntarily by submitting texts, videos, sounds, images, illustrations and data on any subject, whether associated with celebrities or not.

GOSSY is not however under any obligation to publish content and may withdraw any content that it deems is inappropriate.

It is hereby restated that content is defined as any text, written material, image, photo, web page, blog, extract, blog page or article, exchange as part of a discussion forum, comment or other item of information of any nature.

Generally speaking, in order to be able to publish content on the site, whether directly or on a referenced blog, users must have obtained in advance all authorisations and rights required for such publication from all persons from whom authorisation is required, including authors, successors in title, persons whose likeness is depicted and other persons concerned by publication.

Users shall hold the publisher harmless from any claims, action, legal dispute or remedy brought by third parties alleging that the publication of any content by the User on the site or on a referenced blog is prohibited, contrary to law or regulations or to public order or public decency, breaches their rights or causes them to suffer loss or damage. Users undertake to repay the publisher all damages, fines, penalties, settlements, fees and other sums it may be sentenced to pay as the result of such claim, action, legal dispute or remedy, including lawyers’ fees and court fees.

Users are strictly forbidden from publishing the following on GOSSY or the blogs referenced by it: any content of any nature whatsoever in breach of law or regulations, public order or public decency or that infringes or breaches third-party rights or is liable to cause harm to third parties.

In particular, Users are strictly forbidden from publishing any content that:
- is defamatory, abusive, libellous, offensive, insulting or degrading;
- contains the image of a person (including a celebrity) who has not given their authorisation for that image to be published;
- interferes with the private life of any person (including a celebrity) without their authorisation;
- is discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or incites hatred or discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation;
- is pornographic, paedophilic, promotes sex tourism, is indecent or obscene or contains scenes of nudity;
- is advertising, commercial or published for commercial or professional purposes, without the prior permission of the publisher;
- is violent or shocking or constitutes a threat to the safety of person or property;
- is contrary to human dignity;
- seeks to justify, promote or encourage any criminal, delictual, illegal or sanctionable activity or enterprise or any offence or reprehensible act;
- constitutes a counterfeit of the intellectual property rights of third parties, including by reproducing or representing an intellectual work without the authorisation of its author or their successor in title, or by proposing such a reproduction or representation, it being restated that photographs, articles or text may be intellectual works;
- contains nominative data pertaining to a third party, such as their telephone number or their address, or incites other Users to disclose such data.

5 - Advertising Space

To finance the services offered to its contributors, EXANOV shall be entitled to sell the advertising spaces on the GOSSY website to the advertisers of its choice. Users acknowledge that they have no rights in respect of these advertising spaces and undertake to refrain from making any request or bringing any action against EXANOV or third parties in this respect.

However, EXANOV may not be associated with these advertisements and may not be held liable for the content generated by advertiser sites.

The commercial content and policies of EXANOV may not be assimilated with the advertisements displayed on the website.

6 – GOSSY’s community management team

Our community management team is composed of a Community Manager, assisted by editors and presenters responsible for showcasing new content, moderating the contributions of Users and answering all your questions.

If you have any questions about moderation or how the services of the community work, or if you would like to pass on any information, suggestions for improvement or problems, please do not hesitate to contact them: [email protected]

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