StonedAimUset, Man, 36 years old

United States of America, Florida, Santa Rosa County, Navarre

here to for friendly relationship

my name is supposed to be stoned aim user which was my old screen name but I made a typo. I'm chill I'm intellectual I don't mess with nobody I don't want nobody mess with me knowut I'm saying. . straight up smoking chilling trying to go places in my mind..knowut I'm saying... feel good. as long as I'm cool and you're cool then we'll probably get along just fine knadimean?

  • My biggest personality trait : Carefree
  • My physical appearance : It isn't for me to say that
  • My body : Normal
  • My hair color : Blond
  • My eyes : Blue
  • The most attractive thing about me : My eyes
  • My sexual orientation : Heterosexual
  • My family status : Single
  • I drink alcohol : I keep it to myself
  • Children? : No
  • My education level : I keep it to myself
  • I smoke : I keep it to myself
  • My religion : Agnostic