Randy0987, Man, 53 years old

United States of America, Florida, Duval County, Jacksonville

here to for serious relationship

My friends would probably say that I am a prankster and a bit of a smart ass too…. and that is why they say they enjoy working with me and also why, on certain days, they want to quit. :) I am honest, loyal, open minded and have common sense. My profile has no shirtless selfie pictures with dead animals AND...I know the difference between there and their, your and you're and too and to,… so at least I have that going for me. I love intelligent humor… like you find on "The Daily Show", or "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" or from my witty, clever friends. I believe very much in kindness, but also in a wee bit of mischief. :) I am spiritual, and do belong to a church. I love simplicity and revere the sacredness of nature, which feeds my soul. In today's world, I am considered a liberal, simply because I believe you should be allowed to happily live your life and let all other beings live theirs, in peace. I am nerdy enough to know the scientific names of some trees and flowers and also coach high school baseball and football. (but never watch ESPN) I am open to new adventures and currently am taking a yoga class and a welding class. (For safety reasons and because of the spandex,... they are separate classes :) In my spare time, I like to paddle my kayak and canoe. I root for our Twins, enjoy concerts, travel, and like to putz around my yard and gardens. I grow vegetables for my table and flowers for pollinators and give them away. I love to bike (Trek, not Harley) and even bike in the winter a bit. Staying active is very important to me. I like to hike, snowshoe or ski the state parks, appreciative of the solitude and scenery. This summer I would like to begin to paddle the length of the St. Croix River or do a 3 state bike ride, but I am not interested in being on the go all the time either. I love my slow, contemplative time too and reading a good book, while lying in a hammock or on a rock in the BWCA, is as good as it gets. I am a curious lad that likes to learn new "stuff" from books, film festivals, documentaries and the new and interesting people in my life…, like you. I am looking for an intelligent man a luminous soul, for a long term (email hidden) when I find him, and I will, I am excited to see the alchemy of this new partnership. I hope to find someone who laughs with me at a farmers markets, makes fun of me at a garage sale and challenges me intellectually by sharing what he has learned in her daily endeavors. It would be fun to plan trips, discuss movies or current events and philosophy with a man I admire, adore and hopefully can keep up with in a bike race. This intelligent man has wit, a twinkle in his pretty eyes, a charming lilt to his voice and…. a smile that lights up the world.

  • My biggest personality trait : Adventurous
  • My physical appearance : Really sexy!
  • My body : Normal
  • My height (cm) : 172cm
  • My weight (kg) : 106kg
  • My hair length : Shaved
  • My hair color : Black
  • My eyes : Hazel
  • The most attractive thing about me : My eyes
  • My sexual orientation : Heterosexual
  • My family status : Widower/Widow
  • I drink alcohol : Occasionally
  • Children? : No
  • Dress Style : Classic
  • My education level : Bachelor Degree
  • I smoke : Occasionally
  • My ethnicity : Other
  • My religion : Christian